Three Reasons Leaders Don’t Focus on Sales

Raise your hand if you have heard any of the following comments when sales goals are not being met:

  • “You do not understand how hard my job is. There is not enough time in the day to get everything done.”

There is no doubt leaders have very busy schedules and, more often than not, they are spending precious time on immediate and perhaps easier issues rather than high impact, long term sales decisions.

  • “Sales is the Marketing Director’s job. We need a new salesperson plus we have way more competition now.”

Building a sales culture in any company starts with the leader.  Leaders who doesn’t take sales ownership (and throw competition in for good measure) may be great operations people who are uncomfortable with sales.

  •  “I don’t know”

Typically, leaders suffering sales slumps are not going to tell you what they don’t know.   Chances are they not only haven’t mastered the sales system, they don’t even know what it really is.

And here is a bonus reason that we hear all too often:

I don’t focus on sales because my company does not deliver consistent coaching and follow up on my personal sales development.

Are any of these legitimate reasons for a leader not to focus on sales?  Not really.  What they truly represent is the frustration of someone who is stuck, burned out, or not trained.  Breaking through this mindset takes effort, investment and accountability.

I understand the emotions and blocks that come from sitting in this unproductive place.

I work with leaders on transforming the “I can’t” mindset to an “I am” empowerment.  Together, we focus on high impact predictors and agreed upon accountabilities building one success after another.

Easy to say.  Hard to do.  Totally possible with support.

You are a great leader with frustrating results.

Are you where you want to be this quarter?  Will next quarter be better?

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Let the transformation begin!