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I’m Angela M. Stanton

I coach leaders and salespeople using focus, tools, practice and accountability to develop successful, confident people who are inspired and fulfilled.

If you are not living the life you want, it is time to make a change.  There is a new road waiting for you with a unique destination full of purpose.

If you desire to go on this journey with ease, grace and joy, please reach out.  I have been where you are, and I am dedicated to helping you just as others helped me.

I am an accomplished leader and award-winning sales performer, but more than that, I am a coach who is invested in you and wants nothing more than your success.

To see if we might be a good fit to work together, please select the Complimentary Introductory Call below and schedule your time today.

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About Working With Me

Angela, being a thorough listener, quickly got familiar with my business, did some more research on her own and then supported my request with solutions that I can implement fast and with ease - and even feel good about! What a relief!


As a highly sensitive introvert, I find it challenging to promote my services in a way that honours this gift.  Angela’s support was special in that she helped me find a way unique to me – without any pressure – to show up and sell my value without “losing myself”.


I highly value Angela, her experience and her attitude to carefully find solutions that provide long-term success both for her own clients and their respective target group. Angela acts in such a calm and professional way that you feel secure and well-taken care of. You trust her, you happily learn from her. And most of all: You get shown a tailored way that supports your personality and authenticity in “selling” your products or services.

Maria C. Brunetti

Angela is the rare professional who not only knows sales and operations and how they MUST work together for ultimate business success, she lives it. She has a passion for people and it shows. She is invests in others’ success before her own, celebrates wins and supports challenges through strategic coaching in specific areas of opportunity.


Angela uses keen intuition, analytics, data, and her vast experience to build strategies. She then uses her organizational and follow through skills to see the tactical plan put into action. She’s always open to learning and growing and is a kind and generous person who will coach you to reach goals you never thought possible.

Julie Podewtiz, Chief Marketing Officer
Julie Podewtiz, Chief Marketing Officer

Angela is an amazing leader that provides customized solutions. Her leadership skills continue to drive measurable results in operations, sales, performance and talent retention. She is able to create winning strategies utilizing her many years of sales and operational success.


Angela is warm, passionate innovative and energetic. Truly a savvy dedicated leader that will honor you through coaching with successful solutions.

Susie Podratsky, Hotel and Healthcare Award Winning Professional
Susie Podratsky, Hotel and Healthcare Award Winning Professional

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Three Reasons Leaders Don’t Focus on Sales
Three Reasons Leaders Don’t Focus on Sales

Raise your hand if you have heard any of the following comments when sales goals are not being met: “You do not understand how hard my job is. There is not enough time in the day to get everything done.” There is no doubt leaders have very busy schedules and, more often than not, they